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Absorption cold system (TU Berlin)The chair for Energy Conversion Technology of TU Berlin dedicates a large fraction of its research effort to the Topics of Solar Cooling or Cooling with using Waste Heat. The challenge was to achieve a very high efficiency even at part load, with low cost, weight, and footprint. These achievements have been demonstrated at several sites under lab conditions. Now, pilot plants undergo a field test in an operational environment. ...
AC-DC (TU Delft)

All appliances and future electricity production is DC, but electricity grid is AC.

Alma Low-Carbon Integrated Reaserch Team (UNIBO)

Alma Low-Carbon Integrated Reaserch Team, an inter-disciplinary group of more than 160 teachers and researchers from varius department, who share research interest in sustainability and climate change issues.

An underground library (UU)The Dutch soil contains much hidden information about the history of our country, the former habitation and all kinds of natural changes that have taken place. With paleoecology we try to read those stories of the substrate through a variety of analyzes to the sediments; from bottom to top a representation of the environment over time. The upper layers in the subsurface still resemble the world around us, but the fossils deep in the ground of millions of years ago show us a world with higher...
Blender bikes (TU Delft)

At the self sustaining Bar festival visitors can blend their own smoothie with the help of a blender bike. Misshaped fruits and vegetables which are still perfectly eat- and drinkable are used to illustrate the huge amount of unnecessary food waste in the industry.

Campus = testbed (Debrecen)Buildings itself are renovated or planned to be renovated. New buildings designed according to high energy standards. Willingness to implement new sustainable technologies, examples are:...
Cargobike (TU Delft)


Closing the loop of watercycles (UU)
Closing the loop of water cycles
D-EXTO (TU Delft)

D-EXTO is a sustainable pavilion that connects science into market by travelling events and having students and scientists work on the challenges found in practice.

Deep Geothermal (TU Berlin)The deep subsurface of the North German Basin bears hot water bodies comprising an enormous heat potential. The predicted resources suggest urban geothermal heating scenarios at district scale. To return invest, such geothermal systems hence require characteristic sizes at the order of urban quarter supply. To put this technology forward it is required to implement show cases, geothermal supply demonstrators at city quarter scale, capable of illustrating both the potential and the feasibility...

Universitat de València has developed a new low cost device that can anonymously identify vehicle or people movements and extract information of interest about routes and behavioral patterns, to manage mobility in both urban and inter-urban environments.

DIG-it! (TU Delft)

DIG-It! actively support to researchers to shape their innovative ideas and bring them to the market.

Drugging Your drinks: better safe than sorry? (UU)In a multidisciplinary team students research the issues surrounding waste of drugs in our drinking water. This is part of the Young Innovators honors program. The test location is the University Medical Center on campus. The themes this year are health, economy and urbanization. The program is designed to assist students in developing innovation skills as well as a clear sense of responsibility and ethics. It focuses on the major challenges of modern societies in a globalized world.
Energy TrailThe Warwick Energy Trail is a way to learn more about the University of Warwick’s world-class multi-disciplinary research and how the University uses technology to meet the global energy challenge.  The Energy Trail covers 16 individual points of interest across campus. It follows a circular route of 5km and covers solar energy and research, green roof use, Combined Heat and Power and district heating, thermal storage, absorption heating and electric vehicles on campus.
Energyreduction by smart ICT (UU) Students of the Master's program in Sustainable Development - Energy & Resources annually work on projects to create a sustainable campus. ICT herein is a recurring theme, but unfortunately this never led to concrete results. Although it is frequently noted that computer workstations are abundantly enabled, no action has been taken yet to reach a solution. Sustainability plays a minor role in ICT and there is a lack of motivation to get started. It is also unclear who should take the ini...
Environmental Sustainability Plan 2013-2016 (UNIBO)

Unibo Green Sustainability Action Plan, measures and actions, such as energy-efficiency, water and resource use, waste management and eco-building by the adoption of the appropriate technology.

EVOMOBILE (UV)Device for the mobility and traffic management of vehicles and peopleUniversitat de València has developed a new low cost device that can anonymously identify vehicle or people movements and extract information of interest about routes and behavioral patterns, to manage mobility in both urban and inter-urban environments....
EVOMOBILE LIVING LAB (UV)University of Valencia sustainable mobility living-lab, designed for the promotion and use of sustainable ways of transport at the university community. Thanks to the university community traceability it’s able to analyse the possibilities of new business models and the potential users of sustainable mobility and explore new ways of commercialisation for products and services related to solve mobility problems. It is part of the European Network of Livng-Labs (ENoLL) and has been included in...
Fibre optic distributed temperature sensing (UU) Fibre optic monitoring of the subsoil energy balance of cold and heat storage systems  Research project aiming at fibre optic monitoring of subsoil temperature profiles of cold and heat storage systems by means of distributed temperature sensing, using a 3D fibre network. The project will provide data on the variations in temperature profiles during eight seasons at five research locations in Utrecht, Delft and Eindhoven.   Objectives: Insight in subsoil temperature profiles at five locatio...
Fibre-optic monitoring of thermal energy storage systems (UU)In Utrecht knowledge institutions, companies, the municipality and the province of Utrecht join forces to improve the performance of thermal energy storage in a worldwide unique way. On three separate locations, a three-dimensional underground fiber network is installed that will measure the temperature in the subsoil throughout the seasons. In doing so for the first time it becomes clear how the energy balance in the subsoil evolves around ATES systems throughout the seasons and how the...
Graduation in 'Technology in Sustainable Development' (TU Delft)

The graduation annotation covers both broader and deeper knowledge regarding Sustainable Development (SD) and technology. Sufficient depth is achieved by the demand that SD has to be a core issue in the graduation project. Within each department, a so-called ‘SD referent’ with specific expertise will assess the graduation project regarding the way SD has been tackled in the problem definition, the actual work and in the conclusions of the project. 

GREEN IDEA BUSINESS GAME (UV)The University of Valencia is looking for ideas, projects and innovative actions that improve the sustainable management of its various university campuses: Sustainability from an economic, social and environmental perspective. It is about seeking proposals to help raising awareness of our environmental responsibility, in the sustainable development and also to promote improvement actions within our campuses and, if applicable, they can be inferred to the rest of society....
Green roof (TU Delft)

Roof covered with vegetation or the creation of green space on top of a human-made structure.

Green roof (UNIBO)
For the “green roofs” project two green roofs on a lab of the Engineering and Architecture school were realized to be studied and monitored.
Green steps (The University of Warwick)Green Steps is an award-winning environmental sustainability educational programme delivered by the University of Warwick Since 2012 and developed at our Partner Institution in Australia Monash University, where it has been running since 2000.  The programme combines training and real world experience, providing and developing the skills and knowledge of our students to effect environmental change, as well as many other transferable skills essential to successfully progressing in their...
Greening by ICT (UU)
Modelling and visualization techniques for urban modelling of energy, water and resources.
Heat pumps (Warwick)The University is currently leading on a project demonstrating heat pumps in use.   The Engineering department has a thermal environmental chamber – this is a chamber with two connected rooms which can be used for testing building fabrics, insulation, heat pumps and air conditioning. The main research is in the development of heat pumps including optimal flow of liquids, different shapes, textures etc. 
Hydrothermal Carbonization (TU Berlin)HTC is a processing technology providing a highly efficient conversion of biomass into coal. As input material is used low grade biomass like green cut  from the own TU / UdK Campus and the Tiergarten, organic waste of Campus restaurants, Campus sewage sludge, animals manure from “neighbor” Zoological Garden (no competition with food production!). A reactor with the size easily to be installed in the cellar or a conventional carport of a single family house, is carbonizing biomass in a...
I-Bolt (Debrecen)Start-up show (I bolt) that sells product developed by scientists....
Improved plastic waste collection means more re-used products (UU)The group Energy & Resources of the Copernicus Institute of Utrecht University organized a consultancy project for students for application within the university. The client, UU Facility Services, seeks to increase the plastic waste collection rate. As part of the project, 43 campus students were asked:- to keep track of waste disposed in one day- where the products were bought- in which type of waste bin the products were disposed of- whether or not waste is important to them- whether or...
Intelligent street lighting (TU Delft)

TU Delft is testing an intelligent street lighting system on its campus, which uses up to 80% less electricity than the current system and is also cheaper to maintain.

LASER FOOD START-UP COMPANY (UV)Spin-off from the UV based on the development a laser mark system for agrofood ( )...
LDE-Centre for Sustainability (TU Delft)

Partnership between the university of Leiden, Delft and Erasmus.


Start-up from the UV based on advanced data analysis (predictive analytics, knowledge extraction algorithms, Big data, data visualization... ) to provide solutions in many fields such energy production, management and mobility.

LED Revolution (TU Delft)

LED will be applied in the Green Village as lighting system integrated in products, furniture, walls, floors, windows and even clothes.

LIX LIGHTING START-UP COMPANY (UV)Start-up from the UV based on the development of Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells (LECs).
Local Microgrid (UVSQ)Developing a local Smart Microgrid where production, distribution, storage, flexible consumption are coordinated through real-time while incorporating end user dynamic response...
Looking back for a brighter future (UU)If you want to go somewhere on a trip, you often think of thedestination and what you would like to undertake. The second question usually addresses how you can get there: by bus, plane, lifts, etc. Past experiences play a major role in these thoughts: where have you been, how was it then, which travel agents have already been used? etc....
LOW COST THIN FILM PHOTOVOLTAIC DEVICE (UV)Most of the solar cells that convert sun light into electricity are based on crystalline silicon, en expensive material, whereas the remainder uses polycrystalline thin film cells, mostly cadmium telluride/cadmium sulfide. These thin film cells are cheaper to produce yet are based on rare and rather toxic elements. Therefore, “the demonstration of high efficiency in thin film solar cells based on abundantly available and cheap materials like as used in these perovskite based solar cells,...
METROPOLIS NETWORK OF EXCELLENCE (UV)This network is a result of SCLC pathfinder project and it aims at promoting alliances with other specific European metropolitan initiatives focusing on Campus‐City cooperation mechanisms to promote sustainable development and innovation. The goals of the network are: create intelligent territories (Smart Cities) which increase the concentration of human capital, talent and innovation, exchange of experiences and good practices and finally encourage city‐campus tandem as "living‐labs" where...
Molecular solar (Warwick)
Molecular Solar is a spinout company from Warwick using Organic Photovoltaics.  The technology is patented and combines high voltage with flexible backing. Molecular Solar collected 5Mio pound seed money to further develop the technology.
Monitoring a Himalayan glacier using unmanned aerial vehicles (UU)About 25% of the world’s population depends on the meltwater from mountain glaciers. However, the glaciers are currently on a retreat, which potentially has large effects on the water cycle and food security. To learn more about the dynamics and responses of the glaciers under changes in climate conditions, Dr Walter Immerzeel and his team use the relatively novel technique of unmanned aerial vehicles to study the spatial and temporal dynamics of the Lirung Glacier in an unprecedented detail....
One nights tent (TU Delft)

Environmentally friendly disposable tents to reduce the waste left behind at the festival campsites after the festival has ended. The tents can be ordered in advance and will be provided at the festival campsite.

Operational center for Irrigation-, Precision Farming and Nutrient Supply decision support (Debrecen)

University of Debrecen AGTC has an operational center for Irrigation-, Precision Farming and Nutrient Supply decision support. We possess 2 full fledged meteorological stations capable of sustainability related measurements. We also have a network of approx. 40 mobile meteorological stations measuring various parameters and linked to a central decision support system via WAN. Field based laboratory for measuring vegetation related parameters.

Our Car as a Power Plant (TU Delft)

Fuel cell cars: efficient and clean trasportation AND clean and efficient production of electricity, heat and water.

Plant-E (WUR)Plant-e develops products in which living plants generate electricity. These products are based on technology that was developed at WageningenUniversity, which was patented in 2007. The patent is now held by Plant-e. The technology enables us to produce electricity from living plants at practically every site where plants can grow. The technology is based on natural processes and is safe for both the plant, and its environment. ...
Poo is gold (WUR)Resource recovery from black water...
Prêt-à-Loger (TU Delft)

 Prêt-à-Loger a solar power skin which demonstrates how 1.4 million terraced houses in the Netherlands can provide their own energy.

Roof experiments (WUR)

Roof experiments for insulation, hydrology & biodiversity

Smart grid: profit for everyone (UU)The project 'Smart Grid: profit for everyone' develops and tests a range of new, scalable and user-supported services around electricity networks of the future. The tests take place in two medium-sized smart grids of one hundred households each in Amersfoort and Utrecht. The starting point is residents. The tests take place in existing neighborhoods with intensive resident participation. The goal is co-creation of services that really matter to residents. 
Smart Heating (The University of Warwick)Phones and tablet computers are to be part of a new highly personalised heating and energy economy system thanks to an idea by Birmingham based company JSJS Designs Ltd, WMG and the Estates Office at the University of Warwick which has just won £495,000 in support from the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board. JSJS Designs Ltd and WMG will use the funding to work with The University of Warwick’s Estates Office to retrofit an innovative wireless Heating Micro-management System...
Solar Forecasting (UU)

Forecasting model for regional yield predictions via PV panels. 

Project partners: Universiteit Utrecht Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Ecofys, DNV GL

Solar Swing (TU Delft)

Transparent blinds that follow the sun’s position during the day and do not absorb heat from the sun resulting in a light inner environment and a clear view to the outside. 

Solar testing (The University of Warwick)Engineers at the University of Warwick are working with local company New World Solar to help them research and develop a new type of solar panel for the UK market.  The project will see 24 solar panels installed on the roof the School of Engineering building while academics analyse their performance.  New World Solar will benefit from the help of one of the UK’s  leading research universities, with Warwick harnessing the electricity produced by the solar panels to help cut down its energy...
Strategies for water safety (UU)In the Netherlands, approximately 60% of the land surface is prone to flooding. For centuries we are protecting ourselves from the rising water by dikes, both along the major rivers and along the coast. Foreign countries admire our water management. Its effectiveness has undoubtedly contributed to our economic development. However, climate change is leading to increasing risks. Sea level rise, land subsidence, rising river flows and increasing chances on weather extremes ensure that the...
Sustainability Transition Laboratory (UNIBO)

Sustainability Transition laboratory, specific sustainability measures have been designed with the engagement of engineering students.

Sustainable airco (TU Delft)

Spray cool.

A dynamic interactive “nebulizer” making people aware of the power consumption of air conditioning in an entertaining way: The nebulizer is triggered by floor tiles creating an overpressure resulting in the release of tiny drops of water into the air cooling down the interior climate due to evaporative cooling.

Sustainable Business Game (TU Delft)

Sustainable Business game, a course where students learn to develop their idea to concept business plan and compete with other universities.

Sustainable hottub (TU Delft)


Sustainable production and use of biomass for energy (UU)To reach a more sustainable energy supply, we need to switch to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, water and bio-energy. It is expected that bio-energy will play an important role in achieving climate goals. Large-scale biofuel production can have both positive and negative effects. Thus, the production of biofuels could lead to a decrease but also to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, can strengthen or weaken the food security, and can have both positive and negative impacts...
The Energy Feedback Project (TU Delft)

Combine theory and practice in designing a sustainable icon for the Industrial Design faculty, linked with an Energy Feedback graduation project within the faculty.

The Green Village (TU Delft)

The Green village a dynamic mini-village on campus where SME’s works on sustainable innovation together with science.

Thin film photovoltaic device (UV)Low cost thin film photovoltaic device with high energy efficiency....
Transition Team Terracini (UNIBO)

Transition Team aims to steer the transition process in order to create a living-lab of sustainability. The team involves reaserchers, professors, administrative staff, technicians, PhD and Master students.


University of Valencia is the Spanish biggest urban solar farm (photovoltaic panels placed in campuses roofs)The University also has a combined heat and power plant that covers the campus self consumption and also provides energy to the rest of the city


University business accelerator program to support entrepreneurs. I provides training and facilities to develop the business initiative.

Water collection (TU Delft)


Watergy (TU Berlin)

The "heart " of the heating and cooling equipment and all other planned applications is the Watergy - Absorptionbox as base technology with the functions:

  • Drying and cooling of warm moist air
  • Humidification and heating of dry - cold air
YES! Delft (TU Delft)

YES!Delft is the high-tech entrepreneurs centre with a clear mission: we build tomorrow’s leading firms. We inspire students, professionals and scientists to make their first steps on the path to becoming an entrepreneur and offer them the necessary support to turn their enterprise into a ‘leading firm’. YES!Delft focuses on companies with a technological, innovative and scalable product or process.