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Improved plastic waste collection means more re-used products (UU)


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The group Energy & Resources of the Copernicus Institute of Utrecht University organized a consultancy project for students for application within the university. The client, UU Facility Services, seeks to increase the plastic waste collection rate. As part of the project, 43 campus students were asked:
- to keep track of waste disposed in one day
- where the products were bought
- in which type of waste bin the products were disposed of
- whether or not waste is important to them
- whether or not they would separate waste better when more plastic bins are available
- if they have suggestions for improvements

The results are compiled in a report, presented to the client and recommendations are implemented in cooperation between students and Facility Services.


campus full address
Utrecht University Bestuursgebouw Heidelberglaan 8 3584 CS Utrecht the Netherlands
contact person/researcher/expert
Francis Zoet
key words
waste, plastic, students, environment
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Martine van der Woude
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Research institution, User Driven (in market), Educational institutions
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Single Spot
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Public institution
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Neighbouring Science/Technology Parc or campus
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Behavioural / Socio-economic, Research project
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Demo on Campus
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0 – 1 years