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Energyreduction by smart ICT (UU)


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Students of the Master's program in Sustainable Development - Energy & Resources annually work on projects to create a sustainable campus. ICT herein is a recurring theme, but unfortunately this never led to concrete results. Although it is frequently noted that computer workstations are abundantly enabled, no action has been taken yet to reach a solution. Sustainability plays a minor role in ICT and there is a lack of motivation to get started. It is also unclear who should take the initiative. Therefore, different faculties and the Green Office Utrecht are working together and want to ensure that all computers are logged out automatically and put into low power sleep mode. 


campus full address
Utrecht University Heidelberglaan 2 3584 CS Utrecht the Netherlands
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Green Office Utrecht
key words
energy, reduction, ICT
creator of profile
Martine van der Woude
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Research institution, User Driven (in market), Educational institutions
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Single Spot
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Public institution
sectors of innovation
Energy, Assets
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Neighbouring Science/Technology Parc or campus
type of innovation
Technical, Behavioural / Socio-economic, Research project
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Demo on Campus
time to market
0 – 1 years