Welcome to the Sustainable Campus Launching Customer community!

This community represents the collection of Campus information, Diamond descriptions and at a later stage also the Case information.

Access to this community is limited to the project partners. All information entered here concerning campuses, diamonds and cases marked ‘public’ will be visible at the project website www.sustainablecampus.eu.

In the Navigation menu on the left you’re able to add content on:

  • SCLC Campus Proposition
  • SCLC Diamond
  • SCLC Case (available at a later stage)

All information entered by you will be saved as ‘draft’ until marked as ‘needs review’, after which it will be published by the coordinator on www.sustainablecampus.eu.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jeroen Nagel: j.p.nagel@uu.nl

Looking forward to many entries!!!!


Best regards,

The project coordination team