Innovation Ideas/Diamonds

Campus = testbed (Debrecen)


Innovation Profile


short description

Buildings itself are renovated or planned to be renovated. New buildings designed according to high energy standards. Willingness to implement new sustainable technologies, examples are:

  • Utilization of geothermal energy heating of buildings. Planned to install heatpumpsystem for heating and cooling. Relatively shallow there is 70degress water in this volcanic area (there is a borehole made to find out depth/temperature)
  • Planned use of solid biomass-fired heaters (e.g.. straw burning)
  • Planned construction of heat recovery ventilation in classrooms
  • There is a pound where fish & veggies are cultivated (aquaphonics)
campus full address
University of Debrecen Egyetem tér 1. 4032 Debrecen Hungary
contact person/researcher/expert
Zsolt Stupek, head of campus’ operations (part of Real Estate dept.)
key words
renovation, construction, energy efficiency, geothermal energy, biomass, heat recovery
creator of profile
Gyula Vasvári
email contact person
visibility of the part "ii innovation profile"
origins of the idea
Research institution
spatial scale
Single Spot
primary use of project
Public institution
sectors of innovation
Energy, Assets
upscaling potential
Single Spot
type of innovation
innovation status
Demo on Campus
time to market
0 – 1 years