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Drugging Your drinks: better safe than sorry? (UU)


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In a multidisciplinary team students research the issues surrounding waste of drugs in our drinking water. This is part of the Young Innovators honors program. The test location is the University Medical Center on campus. The themes this year are health, economy and urbanization. The program is designed to assist students in developing innovation skills as well as a clear sense of responsibility and ethics. It focuses on the major challenges of modern societies in a globalized world.

campus full address
University Medical Centre Utrecht Heidelberglaan 100 3584 CX Utrecht The Netherlands
contact person/researcher/expert
Judith Langerak
key words
pharma filter, drugs, water, safety, waste
creator of profile
Martine van der Woude
email contact person
visibility of the part "ii innovation profile"
origins of the idea
Research institution, User Driven (in market), Educational institutions
spatial scale
Single Spot
primary use of project
Mixed use
sectors of innovation
Safety, Water, Waste
upscaling potential
Neighbouring Science/Technology Parc or campus
type of innovation
Technical, Behavioural / Socio-economic, Research project
innovation status
Demo on Campus
time to market
1 – 2 years