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The Green Village (TU Delft)


Innovation Profile



short description

The Green village a dynamic mini-village on campus where SME’s works on sustainable innovation together with science.

campus full address
TU Delft Van den Burghweg 1, 2628 CS Delft Netherlands
contact person/researcher/expert
Prof. Dr Ad van Wijk
key words
green, village, challenge, innovation, campus, science, environment
creator of profile
Gertjan De Werk, Pauline Van Der Vorm
email contact person
TU Delft
visibility of the part "ii innovation profile"
origins of the idea
Research institution, Public-Private Partnership, Private Sector Company, Civil society
strong points and potentials

The Green Village will be a lively, green and visible area where scientists and students meet entrepreneurs, innovators, companies, artists, teachers and you. An area with amazing possibilities, technologies, products and systems that will contribute to a green environment. 

spatial scale
Neighbouring Science/Technology Parc or campus
primary use of project
Mixed use
sectors of innovation
Air, Energy, Assets, Water, Waste
upscaling potential
Higher scale (region or above) / society
type of innovation
Adaption to climate change, Transport, mobility and Logistics, Technical, Behavioural / Socio-economic, Educational/Knowhow
innovation status
Demo on Campus
time to market
2 – 3 years