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Fibre-optic monitoring of thermal energy storage systems (UU)


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In Utrecht knowledge institutions, companies, the municipality and the province of Utrecht join forces to improve the performance of thermal energy storage in a worldwide unique way. On three separate locations, a three-dimensional underground fiber network is installed that will measure the temperature in the subsoil throughout the seasons. In doing so for the first time it becomes clear how the energy balance in the subsoil evolves around ATES systems throughout the seasons and how the geothermal energy potential per area can be optimally utilized. A breakthrough, aimed at increasing the energy and financial efficiency of thermal energy storage systems. The Utrecht Sustainability Institute has initiated this project in order to monitor the subsoil at Kantorenpark Rijnsweerd, Utrecht Science Park and in the station area of Utrecht CS.

campus full address
Utrecht University Utrecht Sustainability Institute Heidelberglaan 2 3584 CS Utrecht The Netherlands
contact person/researcher/expert
Carolien van Hemel
key words
subsoil, energy, thermal, storage, monitoring, fibre optic
creator of profile
Martine van der Woude
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origins of the idea
Research institution, Public-Private Partnership, User Driven (in market), Educational institutions, Government
spatial scale
primary use of project
Mixed use
sectors of innovation
Energy, Water
upscaling potential
Higher scale (region or above) / society
type of innovation
Adaption to climate change, Technical, Educational/Knowhow, Research project
innovation status
Demo on Campus
time to market
1 – 2 years