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Transition Team Terracini (UNIBO)


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short description

Transition Team aims to steer the transition process in order to create a living-lab of sustainability. The team involves reaserchers, professors, administrative staff, technicians, PhD and Master students.

campus full address
University of Bologna Via Umberto Terracini 28 - 40131 Bologna Italy
contact person/researcher/expert
Francesca Cappellaro, Alessandra Bonoli
key words
transition, team, living-lab, sustainability
creator of profile
Francesca Cappellaro
email contact person
University of Bologna
visibility of the part "ii innovation profile"
origins of the idea
Research institution, Public-Private Partnership, Civil society, Educational institutions
strong points and potentials

The living-lab promotes the implementation of sustainability best practices within the campus, but also enhances the engagement of staff and students in the creation of the sustainability process. Therefore Transition Management is a valid instrument to emphasize the essential role that the university plays in the improvement of sustainability culture.

spatial scale
Neighbouring Science/Technology Parc or campus
primary use of project
Mixed use
sectors of innovation
Safety, Air, Energy, Assets, Water, Waste, Biodiversity
upscaling potential
type of innovation
Adaption to climate change, Transport, mobility and Logistics, Technical, Behavioural / Socio-economic, Educational/Knowhow
innovation status
Demo on Campus
time to market
Operational now