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project coordinator
Kees Van Deelen
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reeds scientific manager/coordinator
Martin O'Connor
background and objectives

EURBANLAB was founded in 2011 by the leading partners connected to Urban Living Labs in Paris, London, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Berlin and Valencia. The EURBANLAB community currently has twenty partners from the private, public and academic sectors. The ambition is to expand this vibrant and diverse network to forty partners by 2015. The network is co-funded by the European Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (Climate-KIC). EURBANLAB’s mission is to accelerate urban innovation by linking existing and new urban living labs and their associated stakeholders. EURBANLAB assesses concepts and technologies in their local context and offers a platform for the transfer of successful innovations. EURBANLAB connects solution providers and end-users and enables them to share, learn and transfer concepts and technologies in order to accelerate the transition to low carbon resilient cities. Urban living labs play an important role in the climate change innovation process in the urban environment. In order to substantially enhance the effectiveness of the existing urban living labs for innovation, the Climate KIC will bring the unconnected experiments and partners together under one European umbrella. The objective of EURBANLAB is to generate new business by substantially increasing the innovative success of the urban living lab communities, resulting in new products, technologies and services and in new value chains serving the needs and aspirations of local authorities and populations.


EURBANLAB will add value to the process of innovation acceleration, new business generation and new value chain creation by:

  • Build a unique, high quality learning and expert community across Europe.
  • offer a unique assessment methodology providing confidence and trust in new innovative concepts (products, technologies, services, systems)
  • develop a marketplace where new ideas, innovative concepts and technologies are shared and transfer is facilitated
outcome and expectations

The goal of EURBANLAB is to link existing (and new) urban living labs in a European network to connect people and ideas and to enable problem owners and innovators in low carbon resilient cities to share, learn and transfer. The EURBANLAB network contributes to systemic innovations in Urban Living Labs facilitating the transition to low carbon resilient cities. By linking experiments (the urban living labs) with capabilities for innovation, on a European scale, EURBANLAB will ensure that effective and accepted innovations, supporting the transition to low carbon resilient cities, will be more easily transferred to the market. EURBANLAB will develop into a European wide learning community for harvesting, sharing and exploiting knowledge, innovations and experiences. It strengthens the innovative power of industry, public sector and scientific institutions through effectively linking the experiments (urban living labs) and capabilities required for climate change innovation.

EURBANLAB will deliver the following outputs:

  1. a Learning- and Expert Community
  2. a Reference Benchmark Toolkit
  3. Thematic studies and assessment reports of innovative concepts and technologies
  4. a Market place for innovative concepts
  5. Business models for exploitation of products and services of EURBANLAB
special features

EURBANLAB is committed to engage citizens and students in the learning- and expert community. By doing so, EURBANLAB will even go beyond addressing the innovation triangle as it will include urban populations actually living in the urban labs. Sharing experiences and exposing the community to climate change innovations and success stories of urban living labs will help to build ownership and acceptance within local communities. The EURBANLAB community accelerates the innovation process and generates new business by making sure that the learning and expert community, the assessment methodology and the marketplace work seamlessly together.

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thematic field
Territorial ecology