Welcome to ePLANETe

Welcome to our Education and Research Knowledge Gateway for Sustainability !

The ePLANETe platform is a “Knowledge Gateway” on the Internet, made available to and through the members of the Association ePLANETe Blue.  It is a complex gateway, with many different doors.  The different facets of ePLANETe as a communication and capacity building resource, are complementary by design.  A variety of angles of attack and learning experience can be adopted, as seems to best fit the purposes of different User Communities.  The platform lives and develops through the cumulative purpose of its members.

The system designers (KerBabel) propose six distinct Doorways relating, in a didactic way, to the “four spheres” of sustainability (social, natural, economic, and political) and, to different facets of collaborative learning and understanding.

Entering through the Doorways, the objects found in, or through, the various galleries of ePLANETe, may individually be of simple and well-known types, for example electronic files such as photos or PDF documents.  Or they may be more complex.  Often, they are Profiles of various sorts, composed using state-of-the-art Content Management Systems (e.g., the CMS ‘Drupal’).  Most are the creations, or the cross-linked emergent outcomes, of learning, discovery, analysis and documentation work of User communities.  The overall result is an evolving lattice of cross-linked objects — an always-incomplete “modelling” of human activity, to which the users contribute and within which they navigate.