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The UVSQ brings together two qualities/original differentiations: internationally recognised competence in the area of sustainable development and the promotion of entrepreneurship as a third alternative credible track versus a salaried career (public or private) or an academic career (research and teaching). Our incubator’s mission will be to search out the best eco-enterprise projects in France and Europe, analyse them, bring them on board and stimulate them. In order to do that, we can count on the commitment of industry, investors, territories, European organisations. We’ll ensure the promotion of the incubator in universities and institutions for higher learning (brochure, web, events, public speaking…). Start-ups of French or European origin will be naturally constructed on a Business Model base. This European ambition is supported by international programmes which have already expressed their interest and involvement including funding: the Climate KIC Entrepreneurship pillar (discussion put forward with CLC France) and the European project KARIM (Knowledge Acceleration and Responsible Innovation Meta-network) of the Ile de France Centre for Innovation. In the interests of efficiency and strategic services as well as convenience for industry and investment partners the incubator will be geographically situated near the UVSQ. This also enhances the entrepreneurial profile of the UVSQ and CASQY. It will operate autonomously. Knowledge sectors for eco-technologies – areas for innovation include the following: Wind, solar, biofuels & biomass, ocean energy, smart grids, batteries & storage, decarbonised transport, engineering & energy equipment, building and heating, efficient lighting, green chemistry, water supply & sanitation, waste & recycling, treatment of pollution, measures & controls, nutrition. A panel of business and finance professionals will be available. Through them project leaders can be finely selected for the high quality of the services brought to them by the incubator. All stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem will be engaged in this project: regional collectives, academic institutions, industry, investors and research laboratories Experience acquired by the UVSQ and La Maison de l’Entreprise (CASQY) bring to the incubator a range of solutions via indispensible external advice : lawyers, advisors on business creation, intellectual property, transfer and validation of patents, financiers, accounting experts, marketing, bankers, insurers, business associations, recruitment agencies. This project will be finance-neutral for the UVSQ and will be promoting the territorial attractiveness of the region and its university, its openness to the business world and its flag-carrying position for eco-innovation. We wish the UVSQ – Econoving eco-incubator to become a tool for encouraging international and financial interest via its profile as a European network of excellence and the presence of international sponsors of the Chair.

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