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Parc Naturel de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse




project coordinator
Anne Cros Le Lagadec, Director
background and objectives

Short Presentation of the project
The Parc de Chevreuse is a collection of geographically linked communes which band together to promote a balance between economic development integrated with the environment, the landscape and social development. It is sensitive to ecological issues such as the aesthetics of this unique landscape as well as biodiversity, bio-agriculture and economic development. It does this in six key areas: Tourism/Leisure activities, Natural landscape, Economy/Agriculture, Habitation/Energy, Culture/Heritage, Education

The Countryside project of the Vallee de l’Yvellette is a landscape and biodiversity plan on an inter-communal scale. This publication explores the remarkable and protected countryside so near a major metropolitan area, with its pastures, forest, rural buildings, agricultural plains, cycleways and prestigious chateaux. It represents a compromise between aesthetic and environmental aspirations with those of modern lifestyles with their urban overtones.
Eco-Landscape assists landscape professionals to acquire know-how and techniques. In 20123 the Parc naturel organised an education day bringing together 12 landscape professionals together with key businesses and representatives of local communities.
Eco-Garden Guide publication provides help and advice in creating a garden that respects the environment and the natural landscape. It is designed to assist the general public in designing their gardens, courtyards and balconies.
Eco-Trophy competition is open to all innovative approaches to economic sustainable development with the aim of identifying a winning approach which benefits businesses, employees, residents and the natural spaces.
Eco-Challenges is not a competition, more of a commitment by tourism and leisure professional to put sustainable development into their practices. Three challenges can be chosen from a predetermined action list which includes the fields of energy, waste and water management.
Activities cover the educational levels from new entrants through high school and include farm visits, discovering natural spaces, teaching resources and teacher training, residential environmental education courses for children.

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Ile de France
thematic field
Sciences of the environment