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background and objectives

In December 2011, Fondaterra signed a framework agreement with the Conference of University Presidents and the Conference of Grandes Ecoles to develop projects and tools for the sustainable development of campuses.
Since then, Fondeterra accompany sustainable development of campuses by the development of tools, training, etc. These knowledge parlty come from its own experience, developed at a local level with its partners, such as the University of Versailles which proposed a demonstration field of experimentation. The point is to highlight good practice to facilitate dissemination of a better management of sustainability but it requires to test at a small scale, that what it is done on this territory within project like “Smart Campus”.


For example, methodological guides have been developed by Fondaterra to provide methods to campuses’ project managers to set up sustainable development policies in their institution:
- G2e-campus: the first guide on energy efficiency projects in higher education, published in October 2009. It’s a practical guide online with a lot of information and feedback on other projects (with free access) :
- “Plan de déplacements campus” / “mobility framework for campuses”: a guide to put in place sustainable mobility projects on campuses. As g2e-campus, it is mainly based on feedbacks and suggests a lot of tools for every step of the process :
- “Campus durables” / “sustainable campuses”: a data center to highlight best practices of sustainable projects on campuses on all aspects (governance, energy, social responsibility, taking into account the territory in the projects processes, etc.).
- EVADDES: a self-assessment tool on sustainable development for higher education institutions.
Otherwise, the project called Smart Campus aims at putting a smart grid demonstrator for the use of an electric vehicle fleet on the University of Versailles campus. Several industrial partners are gathered to run the project with breakthrough innovation issues, both on technology and process. The results will help to progress to have better integrated management of campuses to decrease the energy use.

outcome and expectations

All those initiatives are to be constantly improved, and new demonstration’s projects have to be developed. Moving toward sustainable development is a long transitioning process, Fondaterra’s mission is to keep developing innovative project on this territority (and others when it is relevant), and disseminate good practices thereafter.

It is more a program than a single project.

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Aurore Klepper, project manager,


Aurore Klepper, project manager,

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