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Discovering the Rambouillet National Reserve – Introduction to Photography – a teaching project for schoolchildren





project coordinator
Jean-Marc Poiré
background and objectives

It is an educational project involving photography and the Rambouillet Forest area.
A number of activities are planned for the enhancement of the natural heritage of the Rambouillet National Reserve.
The Commission, as part of the development of the Rambouillet National Reserve , having created a multimedia tool for the general public, wishes in partnership with the city of Rambouillet to intensify its efforts to increase public awareness of the forest area, its biodiversity and its extraordinary 1200 hectares.
It hopes, in partnership with the ONF, and in collaboration with the Academy of Inspection, to encourage the discovery of the Rambouillet National Reserve by it’s school children in a new and unifying way.
Thus a project for school children was born to discover the richness of the area during educational excursions, through a photography competition.
The competition, organised with the help of the GDF SUEZ Foundation, will culminate in an exhibition at the Pavillon de la faisanderie (the pheasant-raising centre).


It mixes forest discovery and an initiation into photography as a large project that has required the support of:
• Inspectorate of Education Rambouillet
• The school teachers of participating classes

This educational project was implemented during the school year 2012/2013. Three steps can be distinguished:
• Step 1: School teachers, the Education Inspectorate, the local Educational Documentation Centre and the ONF organise
two presentations in the classroom; the first concerned the forest, and the other the photography.
• Step 2: Two excursions are organised to implement the knowledge gained from classroom interventions. This action is based on an educational kit specially developed for this project. This kit includes a toolkit for each student (educational book, pencil, magnifying glass, compass, etc..) And intensive support for school teachers.
• Step 3: students with their teachers and a school counsellor in visual arts from the school inspectorate conduct an initial selection of shots. Each class presents 20 photos on the theme of light and the forest tobe judged by a jury of professional photographers and project partners.

outcome and expectations

To learn about the flora and fauna of the Domaine de Rambouillet through an educational approach.
Before each excursion the forest host and teacher meet to:
• Define the project goals of the class and outputs
• Agree on priority themes
• Adapt the speech and activities to the student level (using the tool kit)

During the excursion:
• Children receive educational materials adapted to their level and can be used by the teacher after the visit
• Children participate in fun activities with the help of the teacher and facilitator: discovery of forest, its role, its fauna and flora, etc..

After the release:
• The teacher continues the environmental awareness in classroom with different tools kits comprising the ONF one
• The teacher tests the understanding and knowledge of children

more informations

Partners : The planning commissioner for the Domaine de Rambouillet, l’ONF, the city Rambouillet, GDF-SUEZ


Partners : The planning commissioner for the Domaine de Rambouillet, l’ONF, the city Rambouillet, GDF-SUEZ

RCE members, Domaine National de Rambouillet
Les Yvelines
thematic field
Environmental Education