The Methods&Tools Gallery aims to provide a collection of objects that references and describes methods and tools. It also contains algortihm objects that support K4U multi-criteria evaluation.

Objects of the Gallery


  • Methods/Tools: "users of the Reference Benchmarking Tool (RBT) (and its Internet version ePLANETe) might be interested in the methods and tools that can be used to assess the performance (energetic, social or economic performances for instance) of innovations. The purpose of this typology is precisely to build the structure of the gallery that will enable RBT users to identify quickly the methods and tools they will have to select to asses the performances of the innovation they are interested in.", M.O'Connor.
    They are necessary for the KRR creation(read help of DST v5 Gallery to get more details).
  • K4U Algorithms define a set of variables used for a K4U evaluation(read help of DST v5 Gallery to get more details).

Objects relationships

  • One method/tool may have standard crosslinks(commonly "Proximity with" relation type) and technical crosslinks("Link" relation type) with Indicators of a Kik.
  • One K4U Algorithm may have standard crosslink(commonly "Proximity with" relation type) and technical crosslink("Lookup" relation type) with Indicators of a Kik. This technical link create a lookup table for the indicator. It is used to create Likert scale.
  • B4U Climate zone concerns the B4U Algorithm object only.
  • B4U Country concerns the B4U Algorithm object only.

About crosslinks

Many combination of crosslinks may exists for each object. Don't be confused between standard crosslinks, that link objects through ePLANETe to create a motivated navigation experience, and "technical" crosslinks which are in charge to enable standard features of this Gallery. The standard crosslinks is genereally using a "Promixity with" relation type. Relation types of  "Link"(to target a Kik) or "Lookup"(to target a K4U Algorithm) are used to enable standard features.