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Welcome to the ePLANETe v2024 - Release Alpha 2

ePLANETe's architecture is a 6-12-24 model. On the left, the main navigation:

  • The top section presents six Doorways.
  • Selecting one reveals its two associated Thematic Spaces and their respective Galleries.

Some Galleries link to additional Thematic Spaces, like Dagda's Garden. A "shortcut" on the right column's top block facilitates transitions between these pathways, embodying what we term a "mixed hierarchy".

Each Doorway leads to a pair of Thematic Spaces.

Beneath each Thematic Space lie two Galleries.

These Galleries curate insights on sustainability from diverse stakeholders and perspectives.

Our aim is to provide an online platform for assessment and discussion, fostering social deliberation and enhancing governance.

Architectural Overview

The core concept of this prototype is to delineate the structure of what we refer to as "Record".

This represents a Contextualized architecture blueprint. Here, "context" signifies a Drupal Paragraph.

Purpose: To enable each collection to be embedded in multiple contexts, thereby facilitating its simultaneous utilization across diverse locations—a hallmark of merged architecture.

Navigation Breakdown

Thank you for consulting this online document for insights into design, navigation systems, and content management.

You may also consult the Pedagogic Module of ePLANETe v2024(under construction).