This Gallery contains short presentations of collaborative activities involving members of the ePLANETe Communities.  In its experimental stage, during 2013-2016, it was developed with profiles of  Activities linked with the REEDS International group of User Communities, centred around the Centre international REEDS at the UVSQ (2010-2015).  During 2020, it will be opened up for routine use to the full set of current ePLANETe Communities.

Access to this Gallery is public however you must be loggedin to view the content.  The activities are classified by type, as follows:

  • Collaborative Projects
  • Creation and use of Teaching Resources
  • Doctoral Thesis studies (and noteworthy Masters level Research Essays or Projects)
  • Activities of Knowledge Mediation, Documentation and Dissemination
  • Creation and testing of Deliberation Support and Knowledge Mediation Tools
  • Activities of Expertise (e.g., consulting)