The ePLANETe FOOD BASKETS are “virtual smorgasbords”, collective compositions that highlight, in a pedagogic way, the diversity of food sources and pathways from nature’s bounty to human consumption.
Each FOOD BASKET is the creation of a COMMUNITY (which may be made up of researchers, cooks, citizens, children at primary school, university students, food industry technicians or those in any other walk in life), as an expression of the richness and specificities of their place in the Biosphere, presented here as a TERRITORY.
These virtual FOOD BASKETS are located in ePLANETe’s “Cauldron of Life”, named the Coire of Dagda from the Celtic symbol of abundance and renewal.
The Dagda’s cauldron satisfies all who come in need. It can feed, give drink, heal, and restore life; it provides wisdom and, as the Coire Aisic, it is also the vehicle for justice and reconciliation.
The VIRTUAL SMORGASBORDS can be accessed in Catalogues of “FOOD BYTES” in the ePLANETe ‘Cauldron’ gallery; or, as collections of points and pathways on the ePLANETe Interactive Maps. The Maps and Catalogues are cross-referenced and, through the ePLANETe ‘cross-link’ techniques, the individual FOOD BYTES (and the entire FOOD BASKETS) are put in relation with other objects elsewhere in the ePLANETe set of galleries.